Minette Internal Energist

Minette, the Internal Energist, playing with all energies to raise the planet’s vibration and create a new level of consciousness.
Minette the Internal Energist is a 2X bestselling author, Energy Worker, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Theta Healing, Reiki, and Seraphin Angel Blueprint Practitioner. She is a Possibilities Coach and facilitates people creating more in their lives, relationships and businesses.

So if you are ready to create more ease, joy, prosperity, and abundance in your life contact Minette today at

Diana Tolley

As an Energy Practitioner, she’s been busy learning many modalities; Diana has completed Seraphim Blueprint levels 1-6, Advanced Healing, Seraphic Tour of The Solar System, Seraphic Light, and Guardians of Gaia.
Diana has also completed Reiki I and II, New Paradigm MDT; Basic Master Course, Access Bars and Body Processes.

Using a combination of modalities along with essential oils, she has created her own unique technique for a one of a kind energetic healing experience.

When’s the last time you gifted yourself time to receive, relax, and jest let go…..?

Dr. David A. Stella

Dr. David A. Stella has been a chiropractor in service for 19 years. His expertise, knowledge, and wisdom with a background in Functional Medicine, Quantum Medicine, and TFT contribute to people living a healthy conscious life. David’s mission is to clarify what is creating people’s dis-ease in all areas of life and provide simple, efficient answers and pathways to live with ease and joy.  “Seeing someone gain clarity about their dis-ease and receive simple ways to increase their quality of life is heart expanding.”  This passion allows David to continue being a facilitator in addressing dis-ease in the body, the effects of dis-ease in the body, and co-creating solutions to restore optimal living for those ready to receive the gift of life.