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Tameana Advanced Level 3 & Puja Level 4 

Prerequisite : Level 1 & 2

Tameana is born as a conversation between two consciousnesses. Tameana is a vibrational experience that leads us to the awakening of information in our souls and bodies.

This is the largest informational exchange that any consciousness has experienced. Tameana is only the igniter in our natural process of remembering, experiencing and naturally opening ourselves to who/what we really are.  Level 3 builds upon the second-level principles, working with the heart as a doorway to awaken our soul’s deepest experiences and adds three more elements to it.

The first element is Community, where several people can participate, tuning into an energy vortex. Then adds the second element of sound frequency, and then the third element is composed of a symbolic matrix that works as an anchoring axis that the group experiencing the practice can anchor in their bodies.

Level 4 Puja Tameana takes us on a journey of self-discovery, frees us of limiting concepts and ideas. [Only I can discover myself and only I can free myself of anything that ties me down.]

We begin the last phase of Tameana, this journey teaching and experiencing the art of discovering the spirit within us and all that surrounds us. One of Puja´s objective is to create balance and harmony as well as a synchronicity with those natural forces that drive us forward in our existence. We close the cycle of something that came TO BE, shared it, and now allow it to take the course it was meant to take. Every participant needs to bring a Quartz crystal that they have carried with them for at least two days previous to the class. This crystal will be placed near the platform symbolically representing a constellation because everything happening during the process will revolve around the “solar system” we have constructed in our platform. (The crystals you received in your level 1 class are perfect shape and size for this class.)

This class will be more of an experience as well as teaching, all participants will both receive and give in the Level 3 Group Healing and will participate in the Puja so please make sure to carry your Quartz crystal for a few days before class.

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