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Full Moon Sound Ascension

Hello, Beautiful Souls! We are so excited for our Full Moon gathering at the Enlightenment Center! Come join us for an evening of energy healing, sound healing, intention setting, connection, and sacred ceremony.


• To begin, we will have a short discussion explaining the current moon phase and planetary transits, shedding light on the common energies and paradigms that are at play in all of
our lives.

• We will then all share our intentions for the ceremony, creating a conscious healing container. Why did we show up tonight?

•Guests get comfortable, and Colleen & Eric perform sound bath, medicine singing, and energy healing portion.

• To end, we will dive into a sharing circle where everyone will have a chance share, process
and integrate their experience.


This full moon transit is passing through the sign of Pisces, bringing us to take a look at the duality that expresses itself through our mental and emotional patterns. Stepping into Pisces moon fullness tells us that while we feel what is inside of us, we may need to look at how we have been preventing ourselves from addressing this prior. Pisces is a zodiac signs of “doing” – they naturally feel the needs and wants of others, and feel responsible for doing things for the good of other people. While this can be very noble, loving, and considerate, sometimes they
can engage in these actions as distractions from internal turmoil. This moon phase will shed light on what experiences we might use to numb ourselves or avoid the things that don’t feel too nice, while also offering us new ways to process, embody, and emote our feelings.


• Yoga mat, blanket, and/or a pillow to be comfortable wherever you decide to position yourself.

• Water

• Paper and pen for notes

• Any items of comfort, magick, security, or personal connection to contribute to the energy of the space that we hold. This can include crystals, a special blanket, a photo of a loved one, your
favorite shoes, your best friend, whatever floats your boat.

– We are asking a $33 donation per person for this circle

– If you would rather not purchase your seat through Eventbrite, please send payment to
Venmo: @highvibes

Eric Cavell Brown and Colleen McMillian are
Shamanic Healers and Reiki Masters that work together performing their own unique style of healing ceremony, called “Sound Ascension.” Channeling the many frequencies and energies of sound through chanting, toning, singing, and instrument playing, Eric and Colleen
lead a ceremonial journey of introspection, self-discovery, and healing on the deepest levels possible. This ceremony is held in a sound-bath-style setting, with guests seated or laying down.

*All guests who reserve their seat online will receive a 25% discount on a private Sound Ascension session booked with Colleen & Eric!