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You are being called to be part of the Council of Divine Evolution, a Goddess Collective.

The Council of Divine Evolution is a synergistic collaboration of women from all backgrounds including entrepreneurs, educators, mothers, health & holistic wellness professionals & explorers. Our goal is to provide each Goddess with experiential & evidence-based information to enhance a more sustainable and compassionate evolutionary process for humankind. Each gathering will include various collective healing exchanges, inspirational ritual, music, compassionate nutrition, educational lessons, support & Goddess showcase.

With excitement & profound love for each and everyone of you, I bring you this to know sisterhood in a modern world like never before! A safe sacred place for truth, vulnerability & transformation awaits you at the collective.

The Goddesses of all ages welcome! Please be mindful that conversations of adult nature may arise and be shared in an appropriate fashion for younger ages to understand the experiences we encounter as we become beloveds, wives, mothers and all other transitions in life.

Compassionate Nutrition Brunch: Please bring a plant based vegan item of any size to share with the collective.

Musical Goddesses please come with your artistic craft & share your gifts!

If you would like to share your wisdom & talent as a Goddess showcase, please contact me directly on IG or FB with your email to collaborate.

As a woman I AM Goddess. As a human I AM being. I AM.

Joyous Love & Gratitude,

IG: @Plant_Based_Professor & @WokeEarth
FB: @VanessaWonder