New Event: Tantric Secrets of Love Relationships

Tantric Secrets of Love Relationship With Ileana

Date: July 19th, 2019
Time: 6-8 PM
Cost: $25

Tantric Secrets of Love Relationships Singles and couples are welcome to this workshop. Even if you may not be engaged in a love relationship at the moment, you never know when a new one will enter your life. So better be prepared for it! Most couples struggle nowadays to maintain the freshness, the passion and many times the love and excitement they experience at the beginning of their relationship. After a while, many relationships become dull and stuck in routine. More and more you tend to see the imperfections and annoying habits of the one who used to fascinate you at first. Lovemaking loses a lot of its spark, and often, especially women, start perceiving it as a chore. The relationship may seem restrictive, you feel that you need to give up many things you like to do, and make lots of compromises, just to make it work. Tantra offers a surprisingly easy and fresh perspective on relationships. Tantra helps us bring spirituality into our everyday
life, and find occasions for transformation, joy, and magic in most of the things we do. Relationships and love can benefit immensely from the tantric knowledge. Here are few of the subjects that will be addressed in this workshop: – Polarity and attraction. Practical ways to maintain and even increase them. – Responsibility and non-violent communication. – Love, freedom and a committed relationship. How can we have them all. – Ways to nurture and continuously grow a relationship – Sexual secrets that can instantly improve your lovemaking and intimacy. – Guilt and compromise. How to recognize when it is time to end a relationship. – How to attract your ideal lover. The teacher is Ileana Stefanescu, who has been practicing and teaching Yoga and Tantra for 30 years. She uses the immense experience she gathered in teaching internationally, to support people in their spiritual journey, and their quest for meaning and happiness.

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