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New Paradigm Mulit-Dimensional Transformation is about Love and Freedom. Love for Oneself and your knowingness of your connection to Source and all of Creation. Freedom from all that stands in your way of this knowing and Freedom to know who you are and to be Master of your own free will.

NPMDT is created to assist us in remembering to be in a state of Love without conditions, to maintain that state, and to regain it when necessary.

During a workshop, you will experience meditations designed to assist you in clearing away old emotional debris you have been carrying around through lifetimes. Then you will be activated to these energies, which come from Source through Master Germain and the other Multidimensional Masters, collectively known as Shamballa. Once these initiations have been received, you may call upon these energies whenever you will to assist and facilitate healing changes, both in yourself and in others. The main purpose for these clearing and activations are for your own evolutionary development.

This energy is no less than the collective consciousness of the Ascended and Galactic Masters, or Multidimensional Masters. This “Diamond Frequency” is highly refined and extremely transformational. Activations into this frequency allow us access to the new codings which are being downloaded through the Galactic Centers to stabilize and harmonize humanity’s and the Earth’s harmonics to become ONE Unified Harmonic.

If you wish to receive a sample of this energy and to get a sense of what it would be like to attend NPMDT workshops, please come join us today.


Minimum of $11 to participate. This event is a fundraiser for Love Lights Foundation, a local, private humanitarian foundation. 50% of the proceeds will go to Love Lights Foundation to give back to our local community.