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Bring a yoga mat, comfortable clothes, and an open heart.

What you will learn here is at the core of all self-empowerment, personal development, positive thinking movements. And takes you much further, towards the core of your own being, on a wondrous journey to discover who you really are, to unleash your fabulous potential and find your true meaning in life.

This class is a detailed and systematic journey into the depths of spirituality. This class will shed light into the jungle of spiritual information and philosophy. Even more importantly, this class will give you the tools to experience first hand the realities, levels of consciousness, bliss and deep personal transformation that are the true signs of spiritual evolution. This being done with the help of Yoga and Tantra, that are among the oldest and best developed spiritual sciences of our planet.

Practical, very well structured and engaging, this class welcomes everyone (18 or older). For an entire year, you will receive new lessons every week that will guide your every step and set you for a safe individual practice as well.

What to expect after this class:

– a more relaxed and joyful attitude in life, rooted in a superior understanding of universal laws
– more energy, improved health, a flexible and strong body
– a more peaceful mind and the ability to meditate for long periods
– a profound understanding of relationships, love and sexuality, and the courage and freedom to step out of the chain of suffering and create a wonderful life that is full of love, eroticism, excitement and hope
– a direct and intimate connection with the Divine, that will enhance immensely your own approach of religion
– the ability to discover the deep and unique meaning of your life, and what are you truly here for.

What will you do in this class:
– yoga poses practiced in the authentic tradition of spiritual yoga: in a static and relaxed way, with awareness of energy flow, energy levels, and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects (this information is still kept secret within spiritual schools and is not available to any main-stream fitness oriented yoga course).

– breathing techniques for increasing energy, healing and fast transformation
– techniques for controlling your sexual energy and turning it into a genuine power house for everything you do.
– methods for calming down your mental agitation, focusing your mind and then learning the secrets of deep meditation
– information on food, natural living, astrology, universal cycles – all seen from a spiritual perspective.
– detailed presentation and techniques from various traditional forma of yoga and tantra, blended together in a unitary system.

Ileana Stefanescu is a Yoga and Tantra teacher, internationally certified, with over 25 years of experience. She is passionate about helping people reach their full potential and discover the light, beauty and fulfillment that shines within their own soul.

Price: $20/class or $70/month.