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Come Join Minette and Diana for an exciting, explorative and creative day!

Class will include:

  • Exploration of Sacred Geometry
  • Learning specifically about the flower of life
  • You will learn how to draw this sacred geometry
  • Create your own flower of life art (many mediums will be available such as water color, colored pencils, markers)


The Flower of Life is a figure in sacred geometry that is made up of overlapping circles in six-fold symmetry, it looks like a hexagon made of circles. The 5 platonic solids are all found within The Flower of Life as is Metatron’s Cube, The Seed of Life and The Tree of Life to name a few. It is the physical representation of the connections that we feel to all living things. It is a sacred symbol found in nearly every culture on the planet and is believed to represent the cycle of growth of a fruit tree from seed to fruit bearing tree.

DATE: Sunday, April 8th, 2018
TIME: 2:oopm – 5:pm
COST: $44


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