Due to our evolving business and full schedule we will not be taking any more event inquires at this time.

  Thank you for all of your support.

Are you looking for a space to host your class, workshops, meditation or event? Big or Small we’ve got you covered!

Event Rates

  • 25% of Gross Event/Class Fees – payable to Las Vegas Enlightenment Center at the end of your event

  • Minimum attendance fee/love donation per person is $10.00 (unless other arrangements have been  made)

  • Non-refundable Reservation Fee of $50 (per day) due upon reservation. (unless other arrangements of been made)

  • Reservation fee goes towards gross event fees.

Event Space

  • Event space is 644 SF (23′ x 28′)

  • Available rental Monday – Sunday

  • Beautiful  flooring perfect for yoga classes or any event

  • Vibrant windows that allow for natural light during the day, two large floor lamps  that create a warm ambiance

  • 50 Chairs

  • Two TVs with DVD/VCR player

  • Large classroom sized white board

  • Projector and screen (if using, please come in prior to your class/event to make sure your laptop is compatible)

  • WiFi (This is a free service we offer, please note if you livestream your class we only have an upload speed of 1mb)

  • 3 Folding tables

  • 27 Floor cushions

Additional Services

  • $25  Event Check In – This includes receptionist to greet and check people in, collect payments, collect email address (that will be emailed to you end of event) and handle any additional waivers that may need to be signed.

  • $15 + Credit Card Fees Online Ticket Sales – Online ticket sales,  purchase tickets are located on the main event page located on our website, link will also be provided on Facebook and Meet-Up event.

  • $25 Sound System  – 2 Harbinger 600W Powered Speakers with stands, Mackie 12 Channel Mixer, 2 Wireless Microphones, 1 Microphone

  • $35 Sound System with Set-Up – 2 Harbinger 600W Powered Speakers with stands, Mackie 12 Channel Mixer, 2 Wireless Microphones, 1 Microphone

  • $10/Per Table  Massage Tables –  3 portable massage tables available,  with linens upon request.

  • $25 Kitchen – Use of kitchen, fridge, water, coffee, tea, etc.

Please note if its not on the list, you will need to provide anything additional your event/class requires,  We do have additional services you may add on for an additional cost.

Step 1 Fill out event inquiry form

Tips on creating a successful event

  • Figure out when to start planning your event.  How far in advance should I start planning my event?

    The answer: It really depends on the number of events you’re hosting each year.

    If you’re doing only one event a year, I would start planning about nine months in advance. This will give you plenty of time to secure a date and location. If doing a few events a year, I would start planning at least 90-days in advance.

    Regardless, it’s important to send out a “Save-the-Date” email as soon as possible. This will give people the opportunity to offer input about what they would like to get out of the event and make sure they get it scheduled on their calendar.

  • Make it easy & affordable for people to register. If there is a fee to attend your event, I would highly recommend you provide an early-registration discount. This will encourage people to register early.

    It can also have a domino effect for increasing attendance. The act of seeing early registrations will provide social proof to others that this is something they should jump on—ASAP.

  • Promoting your Event

    To create a successful event campaign, you need to come up with a strategy that incorporates your different marketing channels — like email, social media, mobile and web.

    Event promotion can start with email, which you can use to send invitations, save the dates, reminders, and event follow-ups.

    But you’ll also want to level your different social channels, to generate buzz and get people talking about your event.

    Once the events are created on Meet Up and Facebook, invite people, post daily or weekly in your event.

    Share your event to outside groups (such as Natural Awakenings LV community, Las Vegas Alternate Healing Events, Las Vegas Events, One World Healing) Yoga events can also share to Outside Om.

    Then, there are things like online event directories which will help you reach potential attendees with very little work.

  • Ask your attendees for a little promotional help

    Word-of-mouth referrals are the holy grail of marketing, so why not get a few referrals for your event? Ask attendees to share with their friends and followers on social media that they are attending your event.

    Make it easy by giving them the text and a pre-shortened link to your event landing or registration page. That way, they can simply copy and paste to Twitter and Facebook. For Twitter users, add a hashtag (i.e. #homeshow2014) to brand individual tweets about your event. This lets Twitter users (and you) easily see who else is tweeting about the event.

  • Event directories are an amazingly easy way to promote a public event, yet most event promoters don’t even know these sites exist, never mind take the time to list their events on directories.

    What is an event directory?

    An event directory is a free website that compiles and lists events. Some notable examples are Events in America and SocialVents. If you’ve ever searched for “things to do” while traveling to a new city, or if you’ve searched for specific events in the past, then you’ve probably seen sites like these.

    The goal of an event directory is to get event hosts and promoters to list their events. The more events listed, the more visitors will come to the site. And more visits means more money for the directory site. It’s really that simple.

    We’ve made it easy for you to be listed

    Hopefully by now you’re saying, “I gotta go get my event listed on all these directories.”

    Well, before you go running around to the many directories out there, relax. We decided to make it easy for you.

    You can click “Add my event to event directories,” and we will push your event out to be listed with a handful of the top directories out there.

    The bottom line?

    Directories are an amazingly simple way to get extra eyeballs on your event, and hopefully, extra butts in seats. They’re the most underrated event promotion tool available today.

    It’s really just that simple, and it’s really free!

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