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Conscious Community Practitioners

Michelle LynRay Dubh

MICHELLE LYNRAY DUBH, became a Certified Practitioner of the Ida P. Rolf Method of Structural Integration in 1997, and received her Advanced Practitioner training from the Guild for Structural Integration in 2015.

Her journey into the body began with Structural Integration in 1993, when she received a 10-session series. It was such a profound life-changing experience and education of the body/mind relationship; she wanted to share it with others.

Michelle, enjoys making the introduction between the client’s mind and body, giving them an opportunity to let go and heal.

She listens to the stories found in the body, unravels the mystery, and guides her clients out of contraction into expansion. Empowered, they begin to live in this new freedom of flexibility and movement within Earth’s gravity.

B E N E F I T S & R E L I E F

Although the benefits vary from person to person, here are some of the more common benefits & relief found in the basic 10 series.

❖ Reduce chronic stress & muscle tension

❖ Break up scar tissue

❖ Rehabilitate injuries

❖ Increase mobility and flexibility

❖ Prevent repetitive stress injuries

❖ Enhance mind/body relationship

❖ Body maintenance as preventative care

❖ TMJ – tension from grinding

❖ Spinal lordosis – sway back

❖ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – hand/wrist

❖ Plantar Fasciitis – foot discomfort

❖ Rotator cuff – shoulder immobility

1 0  S E S S I O N  S E R I E S

The 10 series is a systematic approach to aligning the body; each session builds upon the last and prepares the body for the next. Although the 10 series provides a ‘map’, it is not the territory, and each session is as unique as the person receiving

  1. For most, the series progresses as follows:

Sessions 1 to 3 focus on releasing the superficial layers of the connective tissue or ‘sleeve’, the muscles close to the surface of the body. Many chronic aches and pains subside after the 3rd session; the body feels open and more flexible.

Sessions 4 to 7 are considered ‘core’ sessions; addressing the deeper intrinsic muscles and connective tissue of the body that are responsible for our fine motor skills and produce fluid movements throughout. By this time in the series, deeper flexibility, athletic performance, and body symmetry are usually noticeably improved.

Sessions 8 to 10 are designed to integrate the core and sleeve, while introducing movement of the body with this new awareness. Work may be done seated or standing, in addition to lying on the table.

After 10 many people never feel the need for another session, others maintain with ‘Tune-ups’, and some may, several months later, take it further with an advanced series of 5 or another 10 session series that will be more advanced then the first one.

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Roberta Culp

Roberta Culp has been studying Reiki since 2015.  Roberta enjoys working with energy in a variety of modalities including tuning forks, crystal healing, seraphim and aromatherapy.  Currently she teaches all levels of Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho and provides healing sessions in Henderson, Las Vegas NV as well as distant healing.  She is a registered Reiki Master Teacher through the ICRT (International Center of Reiki Training), as well as an affiliate member. Roberta is available to teach Reiki to your business or group.  Her classes are comprehensive and provide certificated training.  It is her mission to pass the light of Reiki and its scientifically proven benefits onward.

Her intention is to help your body and mind to relax as well as to help improve mental and spiritual clarity for your highest and greatest benefit. She invites you to experience the beautiful, loving, healing energy that is divine source. You will feel much lighter after just one session.

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Jennifer Keller

Jennifer Keller has studied many different energy modalities such as Reiki, Seraphim Blueprint, Access Bars and ThetaHealing, but her true passion lies in the latter. Jennifer is a Master ThetaHealing instructor and practioner. She has been working with people overcoming their blocks and shifting beliefs for over eight years. Jennifer is an educator at heart and truly loves teaching people the ThetaHealing Technique and assisting people to raise their vibrations so they can continue on their own path. Jennifer works with adults as well as children in all facets of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

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